Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditation – December 23rd 2017 — Prepare for Change

TZ here; PFC warmly recommend this new interview with Cobra which was conducted by Hoshino at ‘We Love Mass meditations’ on Dec 23rd 2017 PS Yoda is saying “Do or do not there is no try” – Yoda 12/28/2017 09:46:00 pm Hoshino at We Love Mass Meditation has done an interview with Cobra on Saturday,…

Cobra Interview by We Love Mass Meditation – December 23rd 2017 — Prepare for Change üzerinden

İDRİS LE KONUŞMA – Edip Cansever  — gelin canlar

—İdris, sen ne yapıyorsun,kuşların yanında —İdris’le konuşuyorum. Kuşları okuyorum içimde, ağacın kuşlarını Yeni pişmiş çilek reçeli gibi kaynayan Dalların üzerinde.. Gemilere dadanan kuşları okuyorum bir de Göklerde bir başına dolaşan Görkemle Büyük denizlerdeki yalnız kuşları Ve okuyorum yıllardır bütün yalnızlıkları Okuyorum da Kuş olsun, insan olsun Yalnızlık sevmesini bilmeyenlerin icadı İşte Suları fiyakayla göğüsleyen yelkovan […]

İDRİS LE KONUŞMA – Edip Cansever  — gelin canlar üzerinden

Transmuting The Fear-Based ‘Love’ Lens Of Modern Spirituality, Starting Within

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Kalayna Colibri

love transmutation

It’s becoming more apparent than ever, how ‘love’ has been offered in very many different spiritual healing modalities and practices, and yet not lived into deeply by those who are teaching about it. What becomes very intense to feel, is the way in which love is often mixed in with intense amounts of fear and non-vulnerable responses to others and especially to the self. Words like ‘unconditional love’ are offered, yet often coupled with energies of shaming, criticism, and judgment, subtle or not. Judgment and punishing energies come from parts of us that need our love and attention and their intensity is often off-gassed, put onto others without a sense of personal accountability or consciousness. Judgment, in and of itself, is not ‘bad’ and, in fact, has been a necessary thing when it comes to moving through 3D life, and with work, it can heal to healthy discernment…

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