Writing Links…4/30/18

Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author

Writing Links…4/30/18

Traci Kenworth



  1. http://colleenchesebro.com/2018/04/22/smorgasbord-sunday-interview-the-militant-negro/
  2. http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2018/04/why-editor-isnt-bad-guy.html “It seems in Hollywood and even in other circles (not to give a rap and not to say that all self-pubbed authors are like this but this is frequently the case in self-published circles), the editors are the bad guy. They’re the evil grumps that keep the writers from writing freely. I noticed this trend particularly when I watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Dayswith a friend. Contrary to what the story was trying to portray, what the editor was asking for wasn’t that unreasonable. In the media examples I have these women are not the purest of character (which I also don’t like since I know many editors who are some of the nicest people you could meet), so I’m not defending their attitudes, but I do want to point out that the “obstacles” they’re giving the protagonist…

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LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Ego Masculine Vs. Divine Masculine – 11-15-16

Higher Density Blog

Divine Masculine

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I have seen many recently “mistake” their responses …. their ego mistaken for their Divine Masculine. There is a huge difference in these…. yet we have to go “through this” to understand it and let any “arrogance” go.

The human ego is arrogant. Divine Masculine is not. Divine Masculine is very different from human masculine.

Divine Masculine is PURE POWER that comes through as you transcend all of your own stuff. It is derived from PURE PROFOUND DEEP SACRED LOVE for all things as one. It never ever ever puts itself “above another”. That’s pure ego.

​Divine Masculine has the capability to HOLD A POWERFUL SPACE/PLACE… to hold realities in place and allow others to be/do as they need to, yet it doesn’t take it on, react or waver. It acts intentionally, it holds all in love, it respects fully and human masculine lacks this deep…

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Sophie Jordan – Firelight Serisi 2- Ejder Gizemi

Hayat Kitapla Güzel

İngilizce Adı: Vanish
Seri: Firelight Serisi 2
Basım Tarihi: Şubat, 2014
Yayınevi: Pegasus
Sayfa Sayısı: 280
Çeviri: Dilan Toplu
Jacinda sevdiği erkeğin hayatını kurtarmak için inanılmaz bir şey yapmış, türünün en büyük sırrını ortaya çıkarmıştır. Şimdi Will’i bir daha asla göremeyebileceğini bilerek sürüsünün yanına dönmelidir. Daha da kötüsü Will’in zihni sise maruz kalmış, anıları silinmiştir. Jacinda’nın neden gitmek zorunda kaldığını bilmemektedir.
Kasabaya dönen Jacinda düşmanca tavırlarla karşılanır. Kendisi ve ailesinin iyiliği için sadakatini kanıtlaması gereken genç kızın yanında duranların arasında, onu hep istemiş olan, bir sonraki lider Cassian ile Jacinda’nın yeni güçlere kavuşan kız kardeşi Tamra da vardır. Jacinda, Will’i unutmalı ve hayatına devam etmelidir. Ama yine de içten içe bir araya geleceklerini ummaktadır. Jacinda kalbinin sesini dinleyip aşk uğruna her şeyi riske atabilecek midir?
“Heyecan verici mücadeleler, gerilimli firarlar, inanılmaz bir yakışıklı ve talihsiz âşıklarıyla Ejder Gizemi hayal gücünüzü zorluyor.”
-Kirkus Reviews
“Yasak aşk, gençlik acıları, inanılmaz güçler…

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Synchronicities: Hello, You’re On the Right Path!

Winging with Whitehawk

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Synchronicities – aka “winks from the universe” – are always such fun to experience and ponder! The stories I could share about synchros!

You too, I bet 🙂

I believe that once we settle into the next octave of frequencies, synchronicities will be the way we will be finding our way, making our connections, and (the acid test) learning to live without money as a matter of course. We’ll feel what we feel, and those feelings will magnetize synchronicities (ie signs, connections) that signal we are in fact drawing our wishes, goals, and precious dreams into our reality.

This is happening now, of course; just more subtly than we’ll experience once all the “3D debris” clears.

In other words, synchronicities will grow from flirtations into full-blown engagement with the enigmatic quantum… which I find very uplifting to anticipate!

Thanks to Jeff – who seems on the brink of…

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Humanity’s Timeline ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the foresight to determine what is best for the human race in the long run, and we can give you messages and transmissions that will put you in a vibration that is more likely to influence you onto a particular timeline. You still have the free will to decide for yourselves what you are going to do, how you are going to vibrate, and which timeline you will ultimately choose.

We love you and want what is best for you, and so we look at all of the variables in determining what is best for you to know and what energies are best for you to have access to. Now, you can do the same for yourselves, and this is what we want to encourage you to do.

It is more challenging for…

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How Cryptocurrency Signals the Shift from 3D to 5D Consciousness – Openhand – by dreamweaver333 – 4-30-18

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Courtesy of Openhand How Cryptocurrency Signals the Shift from 3D to 5D Consciousness Submitted by Open on Thu, 02/22/2018 – 07:31 Awakened Living Views Hey spiritual folk! Have you got your head around “cryptocurrency” yet? I wouldn’t blame you for a minute if you hadn’t – all that techno jargon could be enough to put […]

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