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Gasping for grasping At the end of the line Spinning circles At the end of the rope Hearing not listening At the end of the illusion Unadaptable and difficult At the end of the mirage Impenetrable and brick At the end of the delusion Sucked in a vicious cycle At the end of the fabrications […]

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Summer Solstice June 2018 ~ Blue Ray Higher Octave Ascension Wave Frequencies ~ June 28, 2018

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By Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Avatars Dolphin and Whales Awaken New Sirius DNA Strands

The higher octaves of the Blue Ray Wave of Creation of the June 2018 summer solstice will awaken dormant key tones of crystal, awakening the throat chakra and pineal gland. The Blue Ray Avatars Dolphin and Whales will be holding and anchoring these higher frequencies for the planet and for all who are open to receiving higher octaves of the DNA blueprint unity wave field. These anchored higher frequencies will assist with the ley lines and the crystal sonic restructuring patterns of the higher planes and fields of Gaia.

The higher octave tone frequencies awaken the body template stargates’ crystal codes, including the pineal gland, a stargate in the middle of the human brain—a bridge to higher dimensional awareness and time travel. There are multidimensional portals in the human body field of a crystalline nature that can…

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A Conversation with the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Darkest Night Before the Dawn – by Golden Age Of Gaia –

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PART I: When Light Strikes the Matrix


Can you say the question again so I can get back to that focus?


Oh, OK, well my first thought was that as we were trying to get the technology for this meeting going, it just fell silent for a few moments. That allowed me to have some quiet introspection. So I was aligning to my heart guidance and just calmly breathing and sitting. It felt like it was trying to make some point about the importance of what is happening now and putting things into perspective.

At least for me, personally, it felt like it was just this recognition….and this ties into that concept of the darkest night before the dawn that you just mentioned. It’s having an awareness to put the world into perspective…

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Courtesy of Mysticmamma.com ★ “CLARITY” ART BY MYSTIC MAMMA Limited Edition Prints available here ★ FULL MOON in Capricorn seeks to gift us CLARITY by calling forth the Elder within us to rise. She invites us to step into our center and meet the teacher within the within that embodies our center point within the karmic […]

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By L’Aura Pleiadian Continuing to impact frequency, is the Auspicious June 13th, 2018 New Moon. This Full Moon, June 28th, 2018 at 1:58 am ADT~ although with some potential challenges, works in your favour, YOUR Transformation. Each person responds to these frequencies, uniquely, based on their own current frequency, Blueprint and Life Plan. During the Full […]

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ANGELS I must apologize for my “POTTYMOUTH” it gets the best of me at times but it has been a very long hard ride to get humanity here ! THERE is NOW over 37,000 SEALED indictments and here it comes. GOD-BLESS YOU – HEAVEN and AMERICA and the ENTIRE PLANET ! QANON POST Queen Elizabeth […]

PASS the POPCORN ANGELS ! – The SHOW has BEGUN! – Q-ANON POST Queen Elizabeth WOW OVER 3100 Sealed Indictments Unsealed C-9 – 6/28/18 – VICTORY to the LIGHT ! — saintandrewstwinflame üzerinden