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Now available in print and Kindle! It seems fitting that I am sitting looking out on Lake Merrymeeting while I write this post announcing the release of my newest book, The Labyrinth, Book 1 in the Warriors of Light series. Lake Merrymeeting holds a special place in my heart, as does the man who introduced it to […]

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By now, you are feeling the huge uptick of the energy this is flowing to your Earth-plane. It is time for you to take control of your personal existence and begin making changes. From your birth to now, you have been asking others to do your work for you, to give you the answers that […]

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İsa dedi: “Sahte peygamberlerden sakının. Size kuzu postunda yaklaşırlar. Fakat özde gözü dönmüş kurtlardır. Bu gibi insanları amellerinden tanıyacaksınız. Çalılardan üzüm, devedikenlerinden incir toplanır mı? Aynı şekilde iyi ağaç iyi meyve verir, kötü ağaç kötü meyve verir. İyi ağaç kötü meyve vermediği gibi, kötü ağaç da iyi meyve vermez. İyi meyve vermeyen her ağaç kesilir […]

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The Curiscope Virtuali-Tee is one of our favorite uses of mobile augmented reality technology, as it neatly combines educational benefits with some jaw-dropping visuals that inspire both awe and yucks. The newest addition to the app is a way to measure your heart rate using the camera on the phone, and then visualize it in real time on the t-shirt itself. Yes, really. If you’re not familiar with it, the Virtuali-Tee is a specially designed t-shirt that when looked at through a smartphone, suddenly comes to life and reveals a window into the wearer’s body. Curiscope first made the t-shirt available through Kickstarter in 2016, and since the end of the successful campaign, the company has produced several other exciting virtual and augmented reality projects, including Operation Apex, a VR undersea adventure with a conservation twist.

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SOME SERIOUSLY INTERESTING VIDEOS – GIANTS being SEEN ! #NTSleepingGiant BREAKING: News reports of giant caught on camera! 1,355,712 views NationalTrust Published on Nov 10, 2015 Finn McCool caught on camera entering secret cave at the Giant’s Causeway for winter hibernation. Earlier today a previously unnoticed door was heard crashing against the famous cliffs of […]

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